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Project Fey - Custom blank books of shadows, wands, runes, pendulums, spirit boards and other magical tools for spellcraft

Project Fey strives to create custom heirloom quality handmade ritual tools and witchcraft supplies; such as spell books like blank Book of Shadows and grimoires, wooden magic wands,deluxe Elder Futhark wooden rune sets, pagan and wiccan altar tables, portable spell boxes,pendulums, offering bowls, staffs, goblets and chalices for witches and practitioners with discriminating taste.

At Project Fey, each and every one of our practical magic and ritual tools is a one-of-a-kind work of art that is fully customizable and created using centuries old techniques. Unlike mass commercial retailers, our products are hand forged with positive intent; created specifically to be used as a magickal tool for ritual and practical magick.

A one stop shop for a custom pagan gifts for that special someone or yourself. Whether you are wiccan, druid, celtic or just consider yourself a witch or pagan, you'll find something here just for you! Be sure to check out our Magical Musings blog for wiccan and pagan spells, rituals, magical correspondences, as well as special discounts and information on upcoming events.

We also offer Project Fey Rewards, a free customer loyalty program. To learn more about how to earn reward points and how to receive your free products, discounts and benefits please visit the Project Fey Rewards page at http://www.projectfey.com/pages/rewards-program.



Our Books of Shadows, Grimoires and Journals Feature:

  • Easily add, remove, or reorganize your individual pages!
  • Solid, free fallen wood (never glued or factory milled wood - no tree's are cut to create our products)
  • All brass or iron hinges and screws
  • High quality routed edges
  • 24 lb blank parchment paper, acid free and 30% recycled
  • Lunar cycle, day of the week & their correspondences are provided for when your book was created
  • Cleansed and charged on a full moon
  • 100% hand made using traditional 18th century wood burning (pyrography/fire poker method)
  • Custom spell books, Book Of Shadows and grimoires for your spells, rituals and journals
Or call Project Fey at 51-BLESSED B or (512) 537-7332 or use the link below to be directly connected.